3 coat lime render


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hi guys, can anyone give me a heads up on costs on 3 coat lime render per m2, on to old brickwork, I'm supplying pre mixed haired & course stuff , I know it was about £48-£5o last time I did some 4 or 5 years ago, Got about 55 m2 to do, much appreciated. Birdy


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Bobby if you read the first post I put up then you would know I don't do it regularly but been a spread since 85, just not priced a lime job in years, so if the rate is way out give me a clue fella.


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To be honest I do plenty of lime render jobs
I'm doing a 300 & 120m2 at the moment so plenty to go at
Your the one asking what to charge pal!!!


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Hi going rate is £80 -£90 m2 on to flat lath work and £250 day rate on tricky parts. I would say £50 m2 is more like 2 coat normal sand and cement render work as that was i was getting last year.Hope this helps

Jesus been out the loop far to long, staggered.:sorprendido3: