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Put down a little one today as above, sand was too sharp, dead as, then mixer through a wobbly because it was the first time used for a while, all in all a mare. I was lucky to finish by 12 then let the labourer go on return to yard thank kcuf.
That's the truth henry, lad had been with me 11 months , he was regular as clockwork but use less, he still had trouble knocking up. Problem is I'm on me own now with a rake of work to do, but I'll manage I'me sure!
Good labourers are like rocking horse turds. Just beats me how anyone can struggle to keep one spread going.
Last one I had was with me for about 6 months, had 2 weeks off for Xmas followed by a week in college and when he came back he had forgotten just about everything I'd shown him, fkin useless he was..............ended up in local fish factory:RpS_crying:
There's loads wrong with the lab I've got. Been doing it as long as I have and he can't even cut a board. Still takes him 5 mins to knock 1 bag up.
he dont work for me mate. works for the bloke im subbing to. the only reason i have him is because he hoovers up at the end of the job, washes out etc. if i was paying him myself he'd be long gone.
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