1905 Edwardian Property

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Hi guys

Not been on here for a while, great site though, appreciate some advice here please,

Solid wall construction, 1/2 rendered, 1/2 stone, lathe ceilings and stoothing walls, lime mortar in brickwork, lime plaster on all outer walls and stoothings/ceilings, the place is in a pretty bad way with most of the lime plaster detached from the stoothing lathe and ceilings, a few traces of damp where repairs have been done in gypsum, so here is my plan (wanting to maintain breath ability due to solid construction) all air vents cleared, all sources of damp penetration from leaking gutters, roof, lead work birds nests in chimneys now eradicated and solved)

Ceilings to be over boarded and skimmed in gypsum

Remove all lime plaster off stoothing walls, foil backed plasterboard, insulate between boards in stoothing, skim in gypsum

External facing walls (internal plaster) hydraulic lime mortar brickwork repairs, dissimilar materials (wood lintels over bays) mesh and then hydraulic lime backing nhl 2,

carry out local repairs with same lime plaster and remove any gypsum, for the over skim prepare existing plaster walls with ???? Pva or sovereign plasprime to get a key then skim apply hydraulic lime plaster finish

For exposed brickwork apply pave then backing then finish all in hydraulic lime plaster

Plasprime from sovereign

Hydraulic lime mortar from Conserv (stone tech Cleveland)

Hydraulic lime backing and finish from Conserv

Welcome any comments or advice
you want the brick walls to breathe so why seal them with pva?
an expensive method to use on a renovation, but if you have got deep pockets crack on.
Place was a wreck with very little to salvage (plaster wise)

So no PVA or Plasprime then....... So we just wet (with clean water) the bare brick walls prior to applying base coat ?

What about over skimming the existing lime plaster, do we just wet the walls with clean water
Money is always an issue but so is doing it right, to me putting it back as far as I can to how it was will help restore the building back
Thanks, very helpful, we have used plasprime on lime plaster external walls previously and your right, it turned out a treat,I read somewhere though (can't remember where) that Plasprime does not allowslime plaster to breath??

I will check the Data sheet and see what it says
Thanks for the replies

(i) Plasprime (Sovereign), according to their Technical Director, can NOT be used on Lime Plaster

(ii) I will contact Aidy

One more question, the existing walls have had distemper paint at one time and we are removing same bit by bit, we wish to ''Over Skim with Lime Plaster Finish'' the existing walls as we intend to paint them all (with correct paint for lime plaster), so to overskim are walls literally just wetted down with clean water and floated over with Lime finishing plaster at a nominal (2/3mm) thickness?

Yes you can just wet down and over skim with lime finishing plaster. You could use a product called DG27 which is designed to act as a primer for over skimming. Is completely breathable and will give you a key to skim onto. If not wanting to use this then you would want to scuff up the surface of the existing plaster with devil float to make sure that the new plaster will actually attach to something.
Contacted Aidy and bizarrely he knows my daughter, all being well he will be our choice to do the work

Thanks for all your help on the forum

Will keep you updated for info to all
Unfortunately due to personal circumstances Adrian is not able to do this work so I am on the lookout for a plasterer in the Harrogate/knaresborough area who would bd interested
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