1. TedTheSpread92

    Bonding Agents/stabilisers/primers!??

    Okay so it's an absolute minefield out there at the minute with all the different products out there. I just want to know what is your preferred method when it comes to dealing with high suction backgrounds. Wickes bonding agent, PVA, SBR, Blue grit, gypPrime, bond-it. As I'm aware it does...
  2. R

    Skim failed on ceiling what now help please!

    Hi guys, I skimmed a painted ceiling and questioned if there was enough suction. The walls are glossy ish but. The ceiling seemed not too bad. Anyways, I used Wba on walls and just 2 coats pva as normal on ceiling. Walls are fine but the ceiling has blown. I 've chipped all skim off- used a...