venetian plaster

  1. DarthStig

    Homemade Venetian Plaster Trial and Mostly Errors.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to redo my foyer and I want to do a Venetian Plaster but man, pre-made VP is *expletive* expensive. So being an art grad, I figure I could make the stuff like the Italians of old and man it's been a pain. So far I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to recreate it. So now I'm...
  2. S

    Homemade Venetian marble plaster recipe

    Everyone — I’ve been looking around for a recipe on mixing my own Venetian plaster but can’t seem to find a good reference. Does anyone have a recipe for this? I have the following ingredients: - mature lime putty - marble dust - linseed oil I would appreciate if you could help compose the...
  3. D

    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

    I love the look of Tadelakt, but it looks too dangerous for a DIY-er to attempt. Is there another kind of waterproof plastering method that gives the same kind of seamless look that a novice could do (or could be applied by the guy whose doing the regular plastering round the rest of the house)...
  4. F

    Marmorino 5000 sq. Ft

    Hi everybody.1st timer. Looking to create a crew. Large scale job.Sharon CT. USA Please visit to see my work. Thanks
  5. Hikitia SD

    Hi from Hikitia

    Hi guys, we are Hikitia Surface Design, we do Venetian Plastering and specialist finishes, excited to join the Forum. If anyone wants to see what we do, please check out
  6. I

    Looking for experienced freelance applicators for micro cement

    Im currently looking for freelance trowel artisans to work on call for my business. I often get larger jobs that require extra hands on deck and will pay well. please contact me right away if you have the talent required.