timber frame

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    Timber framed bay window

    Hi all, new here so please go easy on me. The render below between my living room and bedroom bay windows is cracking and appears to be falling away from the house on one side, leaving a gap at the top where rain can get in. In a couple of weeks time my windows are getting replaced and the...
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    Timber frame coated in a spraying cement render

    Looking at buying a house but survey has bought this up...Please can someone explain the benefits of this, lifespan compared to bricks as not sure where to look
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    Aquapanel rendering.

    Hello all. I specialise in Timber Frame extensions and usually finish with aquapanel and a parex product. The extension I am building at the moment needs to be matched with dash to the house. Has anyone ever applied aquapanel, maite and mesh as usual and then once dry, one coat sand and cement...