Timber framed bay window


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Hi all, new here so please go easy on me.

The render below between my living room and bedroom bay windows is cracking and appears to be falling away from the house on one side, leaving a gap at the top where rain can get in.

In a couple of weeks time my windows are getting replaced and the fitters suggested I have this removed and ‘prepped’ ready for later on when we do intend on rendering the house, probably with a a silicone render - K rend?

I am not a plasterer by trade but I tend to pick up most things and would like to do this bit of work myself over the weekend, but would like to get a few pointers as I keep finding different Information.

Do I need to fit Ply to the frame first?
I have seen some suggestions to ply the frame, membrane, batton, cement board etc.
but I have also seen advice to fit cement board directly onto the frame, is this right? frame, cement board, then render directly on?

is there any other detail I need to consider? Jointing tape, beads etc?

not sure if it makes a difference but both rooms are currently back to brick, and the intention will be to insulate the bay area prior to plaster boarding inside.
another worry Ive got is damp inside once altogether if I’ve not thought it through properly.

picture of outside of house below

thanks in advance for any help offered


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