1. Taronus

    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Hey guys! I just registered on this forum and thought I give it a try as I am really struggling at the moment. I own an old cottage in Dorset which I’m renovating at the moment. The pre owners haven’t used the cottage for 30 years. So it has not been heated at all. every single wall is fine...
  2. TedTheSpread92

    Bonding Agents/stabilisers/primers!??

    Okay so it's an absolute minefield out there at the minute with all the different products out there. I just want to know what is your preferred method when it comes to dealing with high suction backgrounds. Wickes bonding agent, PVA, SBR, Blue grit, gypPrime, bond-it. As I'm aware it does...
  3. G

    Bonding drying overnight, can I skim?

    Hi everyone. Quite new to plastering, I put some bonding over the artex ceiling and filled a few gaps etc. I have left drying overnight (didn't have time to do everything in one go. ) I was supposed to be going away for a few days. I was going to 're PVA before skimming on my return in a few...
  4. M

    Finishing on top of Yeso

    Hi, I have walls in our casa which have been skimmed in Yeso, up to 60mm with two thick coats and one thin skim to finish. The walls are in a bit of a state with patches which have blown, so I intended to remove all loose Yeso and repair with Yeso. I then intended to pva bond the Yeso walls and...
  5. N

    Skimming over silk wall's

    Hi all looking for a bit of help / advice. I've just bought a house and I've gotta to re-skim the lot as they are too rough to do anything with. The walls are plasterboarded skimmed and painted with silk. Is it a simple case of blue grit the lot, leave it dry and skim ? What's better to use...
  6. harryj490

    Pva issue?

    hello there all had bit of trouble as walls reskimming my friend brought shitty glue from band q and taking ages to pull in the wall.. so I put two coats on and let to pull in was taking ages so have left it until tomorow to skim.. will it be okay to skim straight onto in the morning or do I...