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  1. A

    Plastering advice please

    My husband and I are currently going through our project and have come to the stage for the plastering. However we have ended up with a bumpy and strange finish. The builders tell us that they are going to fill it but to us it seems a lot of work? Both of us are not plasterers or builders so...
  2. I

    Faux finishes

    Hi all, I've been doing paint effects for a while now and usually we use a mix with Idenden pva etc in as a base texture coat. However I have a client who wants a concrete effect and faux plaster effect in their restaurant. After lots of research I tried out using jointing compound with water...
  3. foxtrot2129

    Plastering Cost for a 3 Bed Semi-Detached

    Hello everyone. I’m looking to get quotes for reskim / plastering for a 3 bed semi attached. How much should I be looking to pay? Walls currently are good but they have woodchip, if I rip out woodchip I might end up needing reskimming anyways. true or false? Just need a clean smooth finish what...
  4. H

    How would I tackle this

    No experience. Just wondering how would you manage the gaps between the plasterboard. See attachments. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Appreciate it.
  5. S

    Rendering on render board on a timberframe

    Hi I am new to this, we are building a timber frame house and wanted to put on a render board on the bottom with cladding above. We have been told by someone that silicone render looks awful after a couple of years, but don't know if we can use sand and cement render on the boarding without...
  6. A

    Plastering over a previously water damaged wall - need advice

    Hoping for a little advice if possible. Our boiler sprung a leak and water trickled down through the floor and damaged our bathroom wall. Thought i had dealt with the damp and waited months before stripping the paint and replastering. However when i did replaster parts look wavy. Uping touching...
  7. Carter657

    New to the forum, just looking for guidance

    New to the forum, I've recently finished my lvl2 diploma and about to go in for the red cscs card then do (o.s.a.t) while I'm working. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for the course/the future? Apprieceated!
  8. P

    Long term site plasterers required - Essex

    We are looking for a couple of gangs of plasterers for work starting immediately in the Essex and Ipswich area. We are currently paying £3 m2 for setting work. Please inbox me or phone me on 07855 476355 for further details. CSCS cards required on all sites.
  9. Danny

    How to send Private Messages

    Here is a quick video on how to send a private message to another Plasterers Forum Member :)
  10. Danny

    How To Upload Photos To The Plasterers Forum®

    I have done a quick tutorial on how to upload photos to the forum, just incase you are unsure :-)