bonding agent

  1. L

    Screeding over synthprufe

    Hiya guys, got a floor to screed next week. The Building inspector has asked for synthaprufe to be put down before screed. My issue is, the screed to be layed ontop of the synthaprufe, due to their not being enough depth for insulation. Can I just screed straight ontop of the synthprufe (once...
  2. TedTheSpread92

    Bonding Agents/stabilisers/primers!??

    Okay so it's an absolute minefield out there at the minute with all the different products out there. I just want to know what is your preferred method when it comes to dealing with high suction backgrounds. Wickes bonding agent, PVA, SBR, Blue grit, gypPrime, bond-it. As I'm aware it does...
  3. bikerchick95

    What plaster do I buy for this?

    I just moved into a house that was built in the 1960s and one of the rooms has messed up plaster on it so i want it removed and new stuff on the bricks are red on the outside of the house. I think they are clay but idk. What surface do you think I will find once the plaster is knocked off and...
  4. M

    Skimming on paint

    Need to skim a couple of walls in a bedroom which has a semi-glossy finish, like a tough resin based emulsion on top of what is probably some fairly old plaster. The way I see it, I could either run over it with a low grit sander or summut to give a key and then PVA and skim while tacky or coat...
  5. S

    Rendering a Boundary wall, 2 different brick facings

    I have 30 sqm of boundary wall I would like to render, having never used krend or any of the other makes, I was advised to just go with scot rend as its basically sand and cement. back wall is concrete and the other brick is just common brick, joints are scrapped out, its all been cleaned and...