board finish

  1. TedTheSpread92

    No plaster!

    I'm not working currently, haven't been for a while now but I am curious as to when plaster will be back in stock. Does anyone know of any news regarding this?? Out of stock within 60 miles at B&Q, wickes, travis, jewsons, ccf and anywhere else for that matter - people even selling em for £50 a...
  2. K

    Board finish b*ll***s

    Alrite chaps Never use board finish usually, but the guy has bought a s**t load for this job. Long story short, put on and trowel up as normal but seems streaky when troweling up. Weather is abit cold and s**t so not sure if that's anything to do with it. Any ideas?
  3. TedTheSpread92

    What is going on with multi finish!?

    Okay I want to actually know what the hell is going on with multi finish it is definitely not the same. It's behaving like my trowel hasn't worn in yet, tears slightly on final trowels?? Feels stodgy, gluey, seems gritty and coarser than normal. My question is most of my work is overskim can I...