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    in around 4 weeks got loads of work coming in... need decent help..

    @bobski thanks for the recommendation mate Kentish I'm too busy till end of October beginning of November, so no chance getting to any jobs before that, if you need a hand then you can give me a.ring on 07504680057, cheers Zol
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    Thanks to @vfr12 and Kevin for giving us a hand on Saturday. And the rest of the gang who didn't show f**k off :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Flex giraffe sander for sale

    Cheers mate, got a festool planex, will see me out for a while
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    Winter woes

    Think got the firewood covered here
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Great to have you on board (y)
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Why you have to come across like a dick every time you comment Mr perfect? Have a look retro fitted ufh then f**k**g comment
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Yes mate, without that only product to go over with is mapei's tile adhesive. When you get a spec from your supplier it will be included in there what materials suitable to cover the trays and pipes.
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    You have to prime the pipes and trays before you screed with primer as the the insulation/aluminium foil on it can react with the screed if you thinking to screed over it at all, or you can use mapei tile adhesive which contains epoxy but it's about 50/bag and you will go through a lot to fill...
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    Shocking rendering

    Kevin wasn't very good then by the looks of it
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    Painted breeze block pva?

    As megamix says, grit then bond and skim
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Wundafloor Omni floor Schulter all very similar, trays and pipes will need priming before screed, then for good measure fit decoupling membrane before tiling
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    Images of rendering to verge

    It's called undercloak
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    Why on earth

    That's the clemrope mate
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    Plasterboard carier

    Course I will
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    Plasterboard carier

    Hence you should grab 3 and take it upstairs (y)