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    Poor render job

    My 10 year old could do a better job absolutely shocking how the f**k do these people get away with it its beyond belief it wants takin of and doing again
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    With a bicycle wheel on the bottom
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    Plastering Charges v brick laying fees

    In my opinion both are proper trades and should be paid proper but there’s a lot a people who think skimming on board is being a plasterer in the same way people think laying bricks between two profiles is being bricklayer what i will say is being a chippy has changed a lot in the last 25 years...
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    One coat plastering

    My first boss used to do one coat, his work was crap and always full of tigger stripes because I think he knocked it up to dry and put on to thick and he was a f**k**g chancer my best advice is do 2 coats and do it properly
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    That’s just how them bastards work it’s the same with fuel quick to go up slow to come down
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    We’re paying near double for Timber at the mo 18 months ago we were paying £1.25 for 4/2 now it’s near £2.40 a meter things have gone up a fair bit not everything but a lot of stuff has and the quality is of gear is s**t
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    Yep always add aleast one extra 0
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    Can’t say I’ve personally noticed beads being short
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    That’s ex vat
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    Why the f**k r u lot paying £8 a bag for multi I’m paying £5.25 a bag at TP
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    Someone going over your work.

    At 22 u can barely make a proper cup of tea just about handle a brush and the only thing u should b skimming is the backs of cupboards whined ur neck in he’s probably trying to teach u something
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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    If u use filler over a large area like that by the time uve sanded it back it will look like waves of the f**k**g sea
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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    You have not got a clue one spaw
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    We had a pallet from Jewsons that were BG after using kunaf from Tp the BG ones are utter dog s**t soft as f**k
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    show me ya lime burns

    I nearly sliced the very end of finger of the other day giving me trowels a clean nearly f**k**g passed out cos I’m not good with blood and has been sore as f**k for the last week