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    Plastering Finish

    Don’t like slagging other peoples work of but that’s s**t money back I reckon
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    How much you say is fair

    £30 a day is not enough I employ lads needs to be £100 a day min
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    Stopped money !!!

    f**k Them don’t need people f**k**g u over like that better off staying at home than risking working for them for free
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    Plastering before windows

    If you can put up with I would leave it it’ll cost more in the long run and you will never know what damage they will do when the fit the windows, however it is possible like John j suggested
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    Extra time additive

    Very nice done some big stuff in my time but nothing as big as that
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    New guy, old firehouses.

    Hi nice of u to join us
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    So it's settled then..

    I always take a piss sat down take the weight of
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    Covid jab

    That stuck it in my left arm lucky for my I’m right handed s*x is all right but u can’t beat the real thing
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    Covid jab

    Had my jab today so far bit of a sore arm but f**k all else sooner they had given it to my mum or dad but I’m classed as vulnerable because I have epilepsy so I’ll let u all know if I die tomorrow
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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    I’ve f**k*d my flex of just more shite to lug around and my finish has just been getting worse and worse back to ss mt and no problems like u said it’s the time of year with the plaster
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    So it's settled then..

    Its a hawk!!!! never herd the word hand board till I came on here I’ve been at it for 25 years stupid name I know but it’s a hawk
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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    All I’ve noticed is my finishing was s**t till I stop using my s*p*r*lex can’t say I’ve noticed much else just the time of year init
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    Trowel size.

    18 inch for skimming 13 inch for rendering both mt have quite a few different sizes but that’s what I mainly use