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    In my experience with mono its very hard to patch in I would suggest chop off and re do
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    Thistle Board Finish

    Yeah its good but pulls in very quick
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    Thistle Board Finish

    I love board finish its all i use never have any problems and i use it on any background
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    Plasterers required board and skim in Sheffield

    Hi got 3 house ready mid September to board and skim decent lads only msg me for more details cheers
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    Smarter Surfaces Launches Smart Magnetic Plaster. Competition time!

    I want to magnetic plaster my sons wall then get him some magnetic pyjamas and stick him to the wall every time he gets up in the middle of the night for a wee but gets stage fright and cant go Or maybe plaster the wall then paint a racetrack on the wall so we can stick his car to the wall
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    Soundcoat plus

    A couple of houses so not to bad as its only the party wall to do
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    Soundcoat plus

    How long you got to leave it before dot and dabbing?
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    Soundcoat plus

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    Soundcoat plus

    Yeah its new on me but its regulation apparently?
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    Soundcoat plus Its just like a base coat to prevent sound travelling through the joining walls
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    Soundcoat plus

    Could you get away with s&c or is that a no no
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    Soundcoat plus

    Straight forward question anyone used it ? Whats it like ? Its on the spec on some houses ive got and never used it ?
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    New builds Retford area

    Is that opposite the pub ?
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    Im busy for a few weeks but if your still struggling let me know and i can help out its only down the road
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    Parex mono stain

    I have seen on a site where a plot got rendered in mono and damaged and they got the painter to paint the new mono and you couldn't tell it had been repainted? Could this be the same ?