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    @the apprentice

    Thanks for the heads up I suppose I better start with “gis a job” Mind you the stories that keep flying round on the net, nothing now surprises me
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    Officially packed in skimming

    @Vincey Didn’t quite catch that, did you say you’ve got a death wish?
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    Leicester lockdown @britishgypsum

    It’s 90% on board & 100% on plaster
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    I think you’ve misread it, it says at 100% production, more than before lockdown. It means production is at 100% and producing more than before lockdown
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    Latest update, powder is at 100%, more than before the lockdown and more than last year at this time. Hopefully the folk buying it up and selling it for profit get the just desserts and you lot can get back to work.
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    Plaster situation/goverment support! Latest update
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    Plaster situation/goverment support!

    With approximately 10,000 merchants to service over a 3 week period that’s over 650 artics each day
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    Plaster situation/goverment support!

    If competitors did exist they would have been in the same position as BG. How could the current situation have been avoided? Even if the production had been maintained, the merchants closed their doors, so nowhere to hold stock, and that’s if it could be done without putting people’s lives at risk.
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    Plaster situation/goverment support!

    Can somebody, anybody please explain or give me 1 single reason why BG wouldn’t fill every single shelf in all the merchants throughout the country if they could in the next day, week or month.
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    No plaster!

    No price increase by BG
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    No plaster!

    Bit down the page there’s an interview on Fix Radio with Matt Pullen MD from BG about production and delivery.
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    No plaster! New update
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    No plaster! Gives you an outline of the message sent to merchants
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    Multi Skim Finish by Make Good

    Sorry Andy I didn’t want anybody thinking you could be bought