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    Potential issue with concrete lintels

    Max 3m lintel 150mm x 100mm with minimum bearing of 150mm on solid wall or pillar with concrete pad stone each end. Beyond that RSJ it ! As said regs should be involved.
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    Learn to spray plaster

    Good luck i hope it generates intrest on here for you m8 (y) Combined with speed skim it could be an easy job.
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    Learn to spray plaster

    Sounds reasonable including all the gear etc, im sure some of the younger lads wouldnt mind a go ? (y)
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    Iran should let women play ! They'd more than likely do better than those useless clowns giving englund a free game!
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    Welder for beginner

    After watching forged in fire series I'd love to get a gas forge n have a go at making knives n choppers etc. Prob a few quid set up, but I've got a good anvil already :coffe:
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    Dad dancing !

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    Welder for beginner

    I use arc for angle iron heavy steel and mig for most other stuff, cheaper than tig welder n does most jobs.
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    beautiful sundays

    Why do only fools and horses work ? :tonto:
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    beautiful sundays

    Just cooked some tuna onion n mayo sandwiches :tanguero: