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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    Would you do both coats of the x32 in 1 day or do it in 2 days as for the cold weather or do you think its not to cold yet If it was done over 2 days do you scratch the 1st coat as iv been told no but seems a bit not normal to me as normaly any base coat is scratched to receive the top coat ??
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    Hi lads Instead of putting 2x coats of ecorend x32 with mesh embedded in the 1st coat then a primer then silicon topcoat Could you put base coat of k11/ rend aid with mesh then top coat of x32 followed by primer and silicon top coat I was looking at doing this as the bricks are not the best...
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    Colour matching

    Can any1 tell me the closest colour match for K rend thin coat silicon in colour linen What would it be in weber pral m scratch finish Cheers
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    Ocr is good aswell but is a slightly rougher finish than skim so I find cement board and fill beads and tape give the same smooth finish if painted
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    I cement board the whole front of the fire place tape and fill then plasterboard and skim the sides of the chimney breast
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    If you've got a log burner u shouldnt use anything gypsum as its combustible and will crack I always apply cement board and tape and fill any beads and joints
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    Hi I'm new here and looking for work within Wolverhampton Walsall Birmingham areas. I am very experienced in plastering.

    Hi Abdul drop me an email I work around cannock Stafford and Burntwood areas if your still looking for some work drop me an email to discuss thanks
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    Does that pure finish go on and trowel the same process as multi finish
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    Working out plasterboarding price

    U should be looking to do at least 15 to 20 boards a day minimum If it's easy and straight forward and 2.4 m high could easy get on 30 + a day
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    What to do with these walls?

    Render mesh and tight bonding coat Pva the walls 1st
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    On it

    How much of that do u put in per bag Ta
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    Permanent work in the midlands area?

    I have a new house ready to skim on m2 price in stourbridge think it's ready now but will have to double check let me know if ur intrested thanks
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    Pink grip or plasterboard adhesive

    Drywall adhesive all the way get 2 bags mixed at a time get it on a spot and stand easyer on the back Foam is s**t the insulated boards want to bow in the middle foam ain't got no grab Never used pink grip to be fair but can't see it working that well
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    Skimming on mdf

    Yes he's probably trying to put 12.5 mm or 9.5mm plasterboard around the edge needs 6mm contour plasterboard
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    Skimming on mdf

    Can't you plaster board it and put 6mm plasterboard on the curved edge then use a plastic arch beads on the curve