Recoating silicon render

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Been asked to sort some poor silicon thin coat out done by some1 else
Only 2 small pillars

If there is silicon thin coat on already but needs to be done again does the original need to be removed back to brick or can it be rebeaded based and meshed primed and topped with silicon render
Or does it need a sertain primer putting on 1st cheers


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I got one to redo Be fine go straight over maybe fill any big areas that have come off first


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There's no areas that have come away or need filling its just looks wank so needs to be done better then there is a bit above the lead flashing they haven't used a bead they've just tried to blend it in where the lead goes into the wall looks crap all needs a bit knocking of I think and a bead putting in
I goto go back to a neighbours I'm doing work on so will get some pics next time I'm there

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Ive done a thincoat over mono before once primed not sure on silicone over silicone but i reckon its doable give a render rep a call


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Silicone over silicone will be fine, if it’s been on a while put a coat of anti fungal wash on first let it dry, then primer and top coat


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These are the 2 pillars they seem to have alot of cracks on and what's the best way to sort along the lead ideally wants a bead as looks wank want a nice straight line


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Iv never done silicon thin coat done monochouche s&c ocr
Been told its piece of piss but never done it looks easy enough and been told its easy just after a bit of advice to start with they've gone below the damp so that needs sorting


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I’d base coat and mesh the pillars again the cracks look pretty nasty will be a right balls ache because you’re working into a finished corner and the bit above the roof I don’t think you will get a straight line it looks like either the roof or leads all over the shop then you have to either base it or just top coat it and feather it in or redo the whole panel ……. Walk away lol