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    Ritmo for sale

    Only trying to buy a machine
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    Ritmo L turbo for sale

    Where abouts are u ? As I will come and check it out
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    Ritmo for sale

    There decent for mono my mate uses one all the time
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    Ritmo L turbo for sale

    Hi u still got the machine? And u wanting to sell it ? Are they any good etc ?
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    Ritmo for sale

    Hi , where abouts are u in the country? How much u want and will it do Webber mono? Without it messing up all the time
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    Advice on monocouche

    I have the same problems as u, hand applying with 15mm beads, have u sussed out a good method?, it’s a pain in the arse but have found if u apply a coat and bed the mesh in then go over that with another coat and rule as flat as u can , then top an hour or 2 later etc, tricky product but we done...
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    Helpppp needed

    Absolutely spot on, and the house 100% needs plaster taken off
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    Had a nightmare

    When u pva before bonding it must have dried fast the pva. So that meant the walls where high suction, u should have gave it another 1 before the bonding, some old houses have lime in the original plaster, if u see loads of hairline cracks everywhere that’s normally a good indicator that the...
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    Hi, how good are the ritmo? I’m interested in one but do u have to keep taking them in for maintenance ( repair ) etc
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    Terrible job of Parex monorex v10

    That is a poor job. And not finished correctly
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    Hand balling mono - best methods to apply

    Sorry , in the summer scratch same day, winter a problem
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    Hand balling mono - best methods to apply

    , forget the machine I’ve done a lot of mono by hand , but I like a pukka job
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    Monocouche finishing trouble

    Hi thanks for getting back, how would u go about it ?