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    Looking for Plasterer in Bristol

    I.m based in bristol and may be able too help.
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    Hate them. all i seem to get is hall/stairs and landings too plaster with kids and customers up and down the stairs all day having to move the planks/ladder all the time so stresful.
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    Giving blood

    i have done for years first time made me really ill and fainted, had loads of nurses patting my head cold sponges, it's not a nice feeling first time, went really queasy me, light headed, heart racing, sweating. apprantly it's quite natrual first time, but happened every time with me. but last...
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    plastic plaster bags

    How come they can do smaller bags of plaster in plastic but not the normal size bags?? Would happily pay extra £1 a bag or something.
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    Plastering on your own

    i do and have ever since i started, much prefer it.
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    That wall has to be bang on.. I

    looks spot on that mate :-)
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    wh\at app is that mate? been sying to see how many miles i do a day
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    Bristol Based Domestic Spread Wanted For Relief.

    I'm from bristol bud and in the same boat. Manic
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    Magic Mix

    I used this for the first time on a fan effect artex ceiling the other day and it worked perfectly! Just put few handfuls in the first coat and was lovely to lay on and covers the depth so much better.
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    Who covers Bristol?

    i'm bristol to.
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    Anyone seen this on google by rated people

    as soon as you type Plasterer's in your area comes up with rated people's ad with plasterers prices at the top of google :-/
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    Skimming Legoland Windsor

    Spoy on me too, would love to see him live
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    Washing work clothes

    Very true, i've lost so much work from greedy mates and builders putting to much on top and losing the work or so they tell me, found out of one plumber a guy had put my price in with a nice chunk on top for gimself then got someone in cheaper than my quote to do it to make even more.:mad: