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    No plaster!

    If BG are seeing multi finish fly off the shelves at £30 a bag what is to stop them doubling the wholesale price? Need some more competition IMO.
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    Sourcing Multi

    If you're a "builder" / developer and you've got a house or two you've been working on, I don't think the cost of £38 per bag of multi is going to put you off buying it. It means the difference between finishing your "project" and flogging it for a few hundred K or sitting around paying 000s per...
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    Live Q&A with British Gypsum, Friday 1 May

    All I want to know is when can I buy a single bag of multifinish. :D
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    Lockdown newbie ceiling! Best way to tackle??

    What I'd like to know is where you got your plaster from?
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    Where can I buy a bag of multifinish?

    LOL. I dunno. I can't get any at any of the sheds or anywhere I've looked. Maybe the comedy factor will wane if this carries on for months. I am surprised nobody else is buying it (or any plaster)
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    Where can I buy a bag of multifinish?

    Am I even allowed to in this lockdown? If I am, where can I get it from?
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    Bead on top of existing bead?

    Understand that and as ever thanks a lot guys !
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    Bead on top of existing bead?

    Hello all and thanks again for those that take the time to answer amateurs like me. So there is an external 90 corner with beading already in place and has been skimmed over already a long time ago. One of the walls is in good nick but the other isn't. I want to skim just one of the walls...
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    skimming over gypsum core of plasterboard?

    Yes its a wall. Many thanks indeed to all. Plan to go the strong pva then skim route.
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    skimming over gypsum core of plasterboard?

    Hello All I'm not a plasterer by a long way but can skim a flat plasterboard to an acceptable standard with quite a lot of time. We had woodchip paper in one room and I've removed it but I've (probably stupidly) stripped the paper off the plasterboard so what is left is raw gysum with a few...