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    Monochue drying time

    Is it Johnstones by any chance?
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    Pebbledash to smooth finish

    Quite right but I didn’t look at the photo close up, more on what I read. Yes on painted dash then parinter or Fassa K over. Subject to a pull test of course.
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    Some good news

    Well done and get your van stickers. Put it on your web site and stationary too.
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    Advice needed please

    Johnstones is fine, using it a lot alately. What is the repair? Whats wrong with it? Repair or repoint? Repoint is not needed and all the modern renders on refurb usually have reinforcing mesh embedded. K Rend monocouche has a bad reputation but their other renders are fine.
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    Patching terylene.

    Getting it to match will not only need the same wetness but the wear on the tyroleaning machine, so down to a bit of experimentation. Minster insulation round here stocks Cullamix or try Johnstones one coat render thats a good alternative. also consider it is painted that has took the...
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    Rendering on timber/ EML

    The chippies have done it the way it used to be done 15+ years ago. It can work with the right mix and practice which it sounds like your plasterer hasnt got but even then you will have a brittle render on a flexible substrate so cracking might be an issue. The felt will probably be the modern...
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    Ghosting or something else

    There are some Council houses near me and when it rains heavy you can see the blocks showing through. No idea how thick but they was hand applied about 12 years ago. They was originally Webers white but now grey.
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    Ghosting or something else

    Do you know what thickness the render is? You may find a horizontal Stop bead That will be either 10 or 15mm.
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    Ghosting or something else

    There are several causes on one coat render. Different blocks, wet blocks, different suction in the substrate will give different setting times at the time of scratching back giving different texture giving different shades. Was it raining shortly after finishing? Could be salts coming out...
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    Horizontal crack

    or an extension on top of a garage? Fit brick stitch bars into it zig zag and double mesh with a thin coat system.
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Yes leave it 6 weeks but do not use that clear stuff it’s water repellent but it doesn’t know the difference between wet water and wet paint, it will repel both.
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    You have left it to cure so it will be fine. Are you going to paint it? Jub make a siliconed paint that has some stretch in it or better still apply an acrylic or silicone render finish 1.5mm. Plenty of stretch there.
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    It’s all down to timing. Spray the first coat and if it stiffens up enough then spray the second. I scratch the first pass if it going to be left to set.
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    X32 is sticky on its own but you could use Eco rends liquid primer instead of rendaid. I have used their primer to stabilise a wall of different brick, block and concrete for even suction then x32.
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Thats shrinkage cracks. Either too much suction or the heat. Tap it and if it isn’t hollowthen let it fully cure for at least 14 days preferably a month then carry on. I have seen worse. Strange why he would use mesh on brick. If it was smooth faced or painted then yes but a bit out of date...