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    Self cleaning renders

    Jub and Sto do a nano silicone. But self cleaning? It works when water (rain) runs down collecting the dirt but what about under eaves, soffit boards, sills and the East side what keeps dry? It will probably physically clean easier with soapy water and brush.
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    Bennu spray gun

    I find a lot of the lads with spray guns are small outfits that cannot cope with big areas finished by hand. Dave who Mr White quoted has it bang on but he has invested a lot in equipment and uses a quality silicone. I do wonder though with the render needing to be absolutely flat and perfect...
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    Pebble dashing

    Yes doing fine thanks.
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    Pebble dashing

    I did 20mm once and that was hard enough. I used a 6:1:1 mix and the sand was 4 parts sharp 2 parts soft as it needed to be fatty. Used Febmix too. It sounds bizarre but as said above you might need to hand apply each stone. i have seen cottages in Norfolk with what looks like 60mm pebbles...
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    The f**k**g sun

    As John J said above take a note of where the sun is at a particular time. Not always possible on a cloudy day but I always established what was west as thats the wettest side so that usually got done first. If the phone rings you can calculate what time of day not to go back.
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    Render carrier board

    Outside? Use stainless.
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    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    It will probably fail as there is no dpc, no dpm or adequate copings. The latest fashion of flat tops with no copings is a complete waste of time. At least fit adequate copings with a built in drip and the coping stuck down with sbr slurry, a tanking of some sort or dpm and stop short at least...
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    Render Over painted pebbledash.

    You will need at least 40mm insulation to be of any benefit and as to window sills and eaves etc there are retrofit trims available to accommodate. An ewi installer will have examples of work or photos he can show you. There are some youtube vids if you search, Sto do a few. As to going over...
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    Depends on the condition of your bricks but yes it will probably be ok if the base coat is allowed to fully set and cure.
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    External wall insulation

    Are you getting a manufacturers warranty? Ring them and get the technical rep out. Dave France up here in North of England. They will condemn that work.
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    Mono crack fix

    As above, Rendit do mendrend.
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    Drip beads .

    You mean a 19mm drip bead? Freehand it. You can get 10 & 15mm drip beads and finish flush with the bead edge but still got a drip just no bellcast.
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    Monocouche problem

    These often fail and it is not down to the renderer. Everything about these walls are wrong in the way they are built. Usually no tanking from behind, inadequate coping stones including a lack off a dpm under them and built in drips , no dpc and nearly always never a minimum of 150mm above...
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    I used to spray at speed 10 So half speed (5) and half your water. Bear in mind your machine wont add water under speed 5.
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    Jub silicone

    Same as Wack. Deal with them direct at Leicester, next day delivery.