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    Do I need to prime between the base coat and the top coat

    Priming it you will be safe but not priming it is a gamble. But the base and top are light colours unlike a grey base and white top so don’t worry too much if they dont do it.
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    Air problem

    Probably the gun that has a build up, give it a good filing.
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    Do I need to prime between the base coat and the top coat

    It is usually colour coded to match your silicone. The reason is as you rub it up the aggregate rolls on the base and when it is all dried there is a risk of the base coat colour showing through the scratches.
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    Patch mono

    If you use paint then Rendit can supply and Parex do a colour wash. Jub revitacolor is good as well. These paints come very thick and need watering down a lot if it is to be a colour wash and not look painted. I have added 40% water to jub and it was still a bit like paint.
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    Almost self isolating, have been for a while. Long story and a bit personal but I am ok thanks.
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    Waterproofer in Render Base Coat

    If you can get parex Parmurex that is waterproof, just add water, mix and apply in layers.
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    I have some here in Sheffield. Its concrete retarder and I put 500ml in a 300 litre bin and it took 3 days to set in late November.
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    Pipes, cables and satellite dishes

    I take them off and refit but in my small print I state it is expected that all outside fittings (electrical, satellite dishes, ornamental etc) should be removed prior to work commencing but we will remove as long as the client accepts responsibility for loss or damage. With ewi I list what...
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    Johnstone’s mono

    Mono is too troublesome silicone is more reliable.
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    Johnstone’s mono

    Quite a few using Johnstones in Sheffield. The ocr is good for pointing.
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    We all have some problems in life, my probably only issue was going cold turkey on Setraline, massive headaches! So coming off Nicotine, alcohol, drug etc can be a challenge but t usually ends up on the positive side. Good luck with it.
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    How would you advise on this render

    Its too thin and probably was done on a soaking wet wall. A high performance silicone paint will sort it.
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    Maite alternative

    A Rossi says they all tear or sponge up crap. I developed a technique of applying flat and smooth as I could wet and dealt with getting it smooth when set. More labour intensive but better results. For arm ache I got the lab to do scraping and grinding, save yer joints wear out someone else’s lol.
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    Maite alternative

    Every manufacturer does an equivalent like Webers is their Lac, K Rend HPX etc. I found Maite the worst to use but I also stopped sponging, instead spat flat then next morning I use a rasp type trowel from pft North to get any lines out.
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    Sand cement mix for tyrolean type gun

    No Weber ocr but I have done it in pral. Bit lumpier with pral.