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    Render with silver sand

    Yeah that is the one I use was just curious as each plasterer has there own preference. Thanks pal
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    Render with silver sand

    Thanks for that, I use hydrated lime was just wondering what ratio other people use.
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    Render with silver sand

    Hi there what mix ratio do you prefer with sliver sand?
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    Render with silver sand

    Which waterproofer do you prefer to use?
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    Customers painting

    Hi ya if you ever want to give it a proper miss coat go for Drywall Pro 2in1 Zinsser paint best you can get its a sealing system.
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    Customers painting

    @Dropsalot After pictures
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    Customers painting

    "If you could piss you can paint" but can you do decorating stipple & highlighting, graining & dragging, rag rolling, and use the brush properly paint woodwork without brush marks. Hate people that say "if you could piss you could paint" because it ain't true and I can decorate Before pictures
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    Render timber frame on brick extension.

    @runwithscissors I have never heard of Render carrier board sounds like the best idea if I was you, great advice
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