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    Lucidato job completed

    Tbh mate it's not as shiny as you think,with it being off white it tones it down Abit.
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    Lucidato job completed

    Thanks mate.Will upload pics of microfloors when complete
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    Lucidato job completed

    Currently been isolated doing this little project.Off white lucidato polished plaster.
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    For sale

    Yep in same boat mate
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    Builder beading

    At least his boardings tidy :LOL:
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    Microcement Bathroom

    Hi elee, Should you require a quotation I wood be more than happy to quote for works.Please feel free to call me on 07719330726 and I can send over some images of work etc Thanks rich
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    Internal waterproof finish plaster

    Lol! It will be fine mate.I apply at 2-3 mm on walls and seal up 3 coats and all is fine.
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    Bathroom Tadelakt, Venetian, Carrara or Microcement

    A few more glasses of red and I can talk s**t all night mate!lol
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    Bathroom Tadelakt, Venetian, Carrara or Microcement

    Hi there,please feel free to message or call me on 07719330726 and I will be happy to discuss.Thanks rich
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    Looking for work

    Nice intro
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    Venetian Suppliers/Training

    Tbh bud I thought the same when I started out.
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    Venetian Suppliers/Training

    I would personally go with stucco&stucco mate as they cover all sorts and alotv of modern finishes
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    Venetian Suppliers/Training

    Not true at all.There are many finishes that can be achieved with venetian plaster and you wouldn't even know it was as most people assume it has to be shiny.Im sure other experienced applicators like robjack would agree.As I've mentioned before it can depend on clientele you have in which alot...
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    Venetian Suppliers/Training

    That's where I trained around 12 years ago mate.Andy marshall runs it,nice chap and knows his stuff.