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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

    Just like to say a big thanks and what a top bunch of lads down at plasters1stopshop. After making contact with Ryan regards a machine..we was invited down to the depot for a demo..after a quick drive down we was pleasantly greeted and invited around the shop which has all the goodies you will...
  2. philb

    Eze 24

    when spraying a thin coat acrylic finish with the eze24, do you still need to rub up to finish??
  3. philb

    JUB range of products, any comments

    Used this system good products and good customer service...doing the jub approved applicators course next week, worth get on!!
  4. philb

    A glass like finish to render

    all the rage up here, git to work with mind with a you keep banging into the fooker:RpS_lol: on a serious note not sure but you could be on about VENETIAN MARBLE PLASTERING?
  5. philb

    Badly rendered wall - any rememdy?

    if its could just wipe it and top it silicone or acrylic
  6. philb

    Eze 24

    thanks ryan
  7. philb

    Eze 24

    hi ryan is the eze24 available for long term let? phil
  8. philb

    Thin coat system

    The insurance company has undertaken two attempts at cleaning the walls..both using specialist cleaners firms, it seems that the staining / oil has penetrated the brick? The home owners has decided to put the property on the market but is receiving negative feedback due to the with...
  9. philb

    For Plasterers looking to take on an Apprentice

    sorry boss:RpS_wub: id say more team work:flapper:
  10. philb

    For Plasterers looking to take on an Apprentice

    no one would take you on your fooking useless :RpS_lol:
  11. philb

    help needed with machines

    for someone looking to get the feel for a machine what would be a rough price on a ritmo on hire?
  12. philb

    Plasterer available in Normandy, France - just moved out!

    normandy? f**k me you need to change your key words mate:flapper:
  13. philb

    help needed with machines

    is the multi ok being sprayed on reskim work or is it suited to boards? and can you use the BG spray finish over reskim or float? or again just boards?