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    Plasterboard nightmare

    Nice work
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    Has anyone gone all battery tools?

    Definitely need battery tools. Wires are just nasty
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    Does this Render Job look right to you!

    What the f**k are you two bickering about? I am @Pam H
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    Dust sheets!!!

    Well I never won it. Didn't want to anyway.
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    Dust sheets!!!

    I went to Mumbai for a month and caught the virus didn't I? That laid me up for a bit and made it hard to get home
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    Dust sheets!!!

    Just do what I do and only accept jobs in houses with laminate flooring. Problem solved!
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    Server Crashes

    I'm looking in. @JessThePlasterer won't be doing me in in a hurry
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    Who supplys

    You can't beat a bit of internet rage. I once took the pish oot a stupid post off someone I didn't know on Facebook and she replied. I'm going to bed now but just you wait til tomorrow. you'll be sorry.. I'M GOING TO SEND YOU A PM! So I blocked her before I went to bed.
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    Who supplys

    Oh oh..I know. Just get on a bus with Bury written on it and sure is eggs, you'll get to Bury. My grandad told me that.
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    Who supplys

    I'll have him for my corner because he looks Scottish. Is that you?
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    Who supplys

    Uig Pier a week Sunday at dawn.
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    Who supplys

    Oi. I saw that. Obviously I'm hard because I'm from Scotland. I can't say I'd go out of my way to come down and prove it though. That'd be a bit mad.
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    Taking 2 month course. Introduction and questions

    Do your course and see if anyone will take you on as an improver
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    Posh plasterers

    I'm con I'm considered posh in central Scotland