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    Green grit

    So you lot think itl be ok to go straight over? Just not wanting it to set like a mofo and chasing my arse the whole day Told them i was taking no responsibility if it fails, and they agreed to this.
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    Green grit

    Been asked to quote for a job multiple ceilings in a house but has been green gritted before hand. As iv never used the stuff before will i need to/ can i pva over the top of it before i skim or will it still control the suction after a long time. I dont know how long its been on...
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    Bottle cove reskim

    Id just plaster the ceiling if im honest
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    Boarding ceilings

    To me it looks like it will only screw on the joist and hold the board close to the ceiling timbers, when it is screwed onto plasterboard it has an extra 9-12mm gap so you will have to push the board up to the joists to screw anyway. So whats the point in the tool?
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    Has anyone here ever worked for a council ?

    i get you there.. The wifes dad was told by her grandmother when he was a youngun to ask for a decorators aprentiship off someone she knew. And apparently the grandmother made him who he is today all thanks to her.. Not the hardwork and commitment he has put in:rolleyes:
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    I’m back

    it wasnt page plastering ltd? Just with the van reflection in the window. Gotta be the best one iv seen yet:risas::risas::risas:
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    Very Patchy Mist Coat - Causes?

    How long did you leave the plaster to day before painting??
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    Get a toolstation £50 jobo as good as anything
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    Dont be fooled

    Dont even use euroscrim nowa days only fiba tape once its on its good for the weekend for a quick start on a monday
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    What Are you Doing Today?

    Strapped walls in a tiny cottage ready for kingspan and board tomorrow, cant wait to skim over the plasterboard feels like cheating.
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    Metal edge beading showing.

    I think amanda is a little embarrased
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    Timing timing timing

    Well they dont teach "timing is 90% of the job for nothing"
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    Working alone !

    Nope. Its a plastic hawk with shitty multi on it
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    Working alone !

    Still... 1 step to many in my eyes
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    Plaster of Paris

    I told the arresting officer it was just plaster of paris but he said it was a controlled substance, i said have you seen my lab mixing more control in a raging bull