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    Is it coming for domestics

    The Tao of Charlie Munger is a fantastic listen. They all teach the basics of: Patience Know what you don’t know (Crypto!) Dont get sucked in to keeping up with the Jones’s Magic of Compounding
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    Government grant. Act quick

    Don’t believe it’s true that you have had to claim 1st grant to receive 2nd grant
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    Bounce back loan has a list of all banks offering loans and there requirements whether you need personal/business account. It’s 25% of turnover
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    apprenticeship advice

    Depends where your based mate, If you aim to take pride in your job and concentrate on leaving job/van/tools spotless you’ll stand out from the rest and always find work in domestics. Not many variables in plastering and your not likely get a call back for leaking plaster. Can’t see robots...