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    Plaster detached from previous damp issue

    With that sort of attitude i would never hire you. Get back in your van, listen to your Talk Sport and dont reply unless you have something constructive to offer, you moron.
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    Plaster detached from previous damp issue

    I've actually had another look at this, and picked away at the plaster. It appears that the inner layer of bricks only comes up about 10 inches from the floor, above this and beneath the plaster is a coarse clay-like substance which also is quite brittle i this area. What is this, is it plaster...
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    Plaster detached from previous damp issue

    Hi there, I've just bought a house (1930s ish) where there is evidence of previous damp, as plaster has failed in certain places (lower corners of the living room) and has either crumbled off the wall or bulging in certain places. I cant find any evidence of existing damp or water ingress...
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    Plaster over artex

    Hi, I have artex ceilings throughout, the fan type about 1-2mm thickness for the ridges. Can I just use multifinish plaster to cover this up and create a flat ceiling? Thanks