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    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    After another look it looks like you had plenty of room for it to be done properly, until he stuck the reveals, tell him to take them off, stick beads up and float and set it, if he uses sand and cement make sure he sticks the beads with it too and doesn’t top coat the same day. Then tell him to...
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    I know what you mean it’s the Bain of my life this predictive shite
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    And you can’t spell they’re
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    How to newly plaster walls after ceilings have been painted..?

    What on earth made you use Farrow and Ball especially before the walls are plastered
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    I expected a “ my name is Slim Shady “ after the Hi
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    Remove lining paper off lath and plaster walls and ceilings and re-plaster?

    It really depends what’s more important to you, a stable ceiling for you to live under or the cornice and ceiling roses which if they are original and not added at a later date will have most of the detailing covered by paint so probably would look nicer if replaced at a later date, being...
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    Correct or not correct??

    Hack it off and float and set it, should be done and dusted in a day
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    Easifill on inside of external wall

    I think someone’s stolen half his screws
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    I bloody knew it
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    I’m really not surprised
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    That’s what I thought it was about and seeing the sort of clobber @Vincey wears I thought it would be about H in particular
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    Cracking of wet plaster

    Here you go for all you non believers, just scroll down to the second page
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    Cracking of wet plaster

    Was your Pva dry? It’s meant to be tacky when you start when you put your multi finish on. Don’t believe all this shite about it re emulsifying read the tub and don’t wet it down to much either unless it’s for sealing the wall