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    Nice one, you just made me laugh out loud, funny look followed from Mrs
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    Just moved to a village in Kent, had a brilliant Chinese take away, we move in someone else takes it over and it’s s**t
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    Mental health help.

    f**k I never knew you had a pierced lip
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    Skimming over SBR

    Have you tried donkey jizz? Does it work? Do you water it down? Does it have to be tacky like pva or SBR?
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    Long time no see

    So much easier than nailing scaffold boards to a banker board, they were a god send. I actually had stomach muscles then, just a load of blubbery fat now.
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    1930’s Render

    We did, whole housing estates in Gravesend and Sittingbourne for a house building firm called SNW, they’ve gone now the recession f**k*d them over. I still have the Spurs from those days
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    1930’s Render

    So it should have been, horrendous stuff
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    Long time no see

    A tin bath if you mean the old galvanised baths we used to use for knocking up by hand
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    Long time no see

    That’s thrown another hand grenade into the hawk handboard debate. Now it’s dashing or harling they call it harling in the Shetland isles,
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    1930’s Render

    Looks like high build to me we rollered the f**k out of a lot of houses with that in the eighties
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    And the anti hawk demonstrations
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    Long time no see

    And I suppose instead of a plasterers hod, you have a plasterers opensided bucket on a stick
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    Angle beads - Sand and cement

    Yes, scratch it then plant your beads on making sure the margin is the same from the sides of your fire place to the edge of the beads then the same distance all the way up between the beads the front face of the beads will have to be worked to the inside edge of the fireplace so you don’t lose...
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    Sbr mixed with pva

    No, I call a hawk a hawk, I call a hand board a piece of wood or a thing brickies use to hold their muck when pointing
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    The spiders don’t appear to think so