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    Bad light

    Damn that is some bad plastering for sure and definitely see a issue getting paid for that, you should always carry a light in your van and never take the advice of a punter can you post a picture of your plastering with a light
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    Half time.

    Half time is f**k**g excellent stuff I love it
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    Tyzack Centenary

    The old tyzacks are a bloody good trowel but the steal gradually went poorer and poorer quality in my opinion , so much so I brought half a dozen nos ones from eBay 10 year ago I’ve actually just opened my last one on Friday, the steal is great for sand cement plastering but the skimming is made...
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    Trowel keyring

    could it be because he’s got a tiny tool? Probably hiding in the girls toilet
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    Trowel keyring

    Im more than just a trowel and f**k*d if I want to be reminded every time I get my keys, be good to use on a day rate
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    Working with

    Is this real? How many bags of that are they expecting to sell? no way am I skimming on ply ,I mean so many issues one being rusty nails I can see trouble ahead with this f**k*d if I’d touch it
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    Brick built garden outhouse

    I would just use a insulated plasterboard and skim
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    And apparently I have used them before, I brought some beads from them in 2019 never again as half where bent to f**k
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    Well f**k me they sent me a invoice for the mixer , I rang them up and said I never ordered the crap thing apparently the rep must of got mixed up and he going to ring me on Tuesday about collecting it , f**k**g numptys no such thing as a free mixer I guess
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    No never registered for nothing
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    Excellent thank you Tom81 can’t say fairer than that , I better get it mucky then
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    I’m a honest sort of guy , reason why it’s still in the box But Ive also been taught to never look at gift horse in the mouth
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    plastering talk show?? I’m more of a 6 music fan tbh im completely stumped on why I have it , I certainly haven’t paid for it im sure someone will be in contact with me soon luckily I’m not answering the phone for a couple of weeks as catching up a little on the workload