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    I've got render beads ,25 stop beads, and same corner. eBay £55 . Just need some six inch nails to fix them
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    Part or full reno

    Your gonna put a massive strain on your marriage and your lives. In your shoes I would make do, a lot of our parents did it . I shared a box room with two brothers for a while , the kids won't hate you for it,. Remember stress is a killer. Good luck , let us know how you get on , we will still...
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    Straight edge.

    Been recycling, 41" serrated edge
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    Hall & stairs

    Hall .stairs . Landing. Job I've just finished ,there was a loby, area about 7ft, by 3ft, it had 4 door frames with architraves, and 1with beads. and old folks in and out of kitchen.
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    Hall & stairs

    My mate a decorater, said he had to Hoover dog hair off a staircase, before he started or he would have had to bin his sheets . Wot u have to do to make a quid.
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    site spreads

    It was the same in my house. Wait till they all had there hair done at the hair dresser with highlights. When there teenagers. It was half a week's wages. Fecking , night mare.
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    Hall & stairs

    I finished one yesterday as well.for a old couple tbf they were. Good .but you have to allow a lot longer to do the job. I've never had so many small bits to do. And to make things worse it was all pine doors and skirtings,arcs, ect , that hadn't been done proply, all rough . You wipe the sponge...
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    How old are you stinkyboy, I may be wrong, but I've got a strong suspicion that you may be a little bit Dolly dimple, and just sitting at home on the dole, making this shite up.
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    Got sum multi from jewsons today . Got 8 in the and these.hope I can use them up.
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    Site to domestic

    Wot stuff from poland
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    I need of a company to work for.

    I think you'd get offered a job on here if you took your girlfriend along as your labour er,.
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    Site to domestic

    When people meet the wife they say he's so clean and ti Dy. She says he's not at home. When I finish jobs indoors I leave the hoovering up for the wife .
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    Site to domestic

    Forget about how many metres . When you look at a domestic job . Say it's a bedroom , I'll sheet up, pva lid first, masking tape all edges.fix beads ,pva walls , set up gear have sandwich, lid will be dry ,scim lid , next day do walls , clean up and Hoover. Price accordingly ,me ,/£480. You...
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    Question on plastering

    Where's that ginger bald tosser who went to Poland he'll do it .