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    Murder .

    Anyone from Liverpool. Once again . A child is killed by thugs with knives. Poor little ava . God bless her . Again the woke police.the press .no information on discription of attackers .it's important. If 4 men robbed a bank wearing Donald trump masks . I think it would be mentioned. And rather...
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    Mixed race boy killed. I text someone in Croydon. 14 wtf.
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    Quite right. And one up the bum is better than none. Why are you all talking nonsense:nocausagracia:
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    Anyone know if the 14 year old kid that was killed in Croydon on Thursday was white or black.and the two gangs fighting. How can it be racist to report wot color the people involved if we don't know. If the gangs were white they would say so, or Chinese they would say. But not if they are...
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    New trowel

    Difference in price please.
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    My mate had that . doctor tested him said it was to much spunk getting stuck in his throat.. just saying.
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    Plastering over paint

    So long as PVA is dry no problem. Spend the day pva ing . And beads. Scim when it's bone dry. All this scim when tacky is b*ll***s..
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    Why stop
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    How to speed up screed drying time.

    Polystyrene sheets. 22mm moisture resistant t&g flooring. Even if you had to do a bit of prep first . Don't have to worry about the weather and drying.
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    Hey did you stop using them allygman.
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    Is there anyone on here that doesn't use speedskims..
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    It took me a while to get the hang of it ,but it's great . Ie only got the plastic 900mm one . I need to buy the SS one. But all this chat about this trowel and this one ECT , is nonsense ,it doesn't matter wot trowel you Chuck it on with. Speed skim it a couple of times leave it , and finish...
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    I haven't been to homebase in years.but was quite lots of good shite . Didn't have much time. But they did have lots of hop ups ,and steps ECT .
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    Hawk. 4pound.