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    refina buckets

    What light did u end up buying I'm after something decent me selfme self
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    Insulation board

    As pug says if it's electric Boards first to concrete then your not heating the floor Then ufh It's advised that you self level the full area so the heating mat is fully enclosed Any gaps and the ufh will burn out
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    Pva nightmare

    The wet adhesive that the tiler uses will re emulsifie the pva So the tiles stick to the pva and not the wall, so don't tile over pva What you need is an acrylic primer I'd be concerned the tiler has advised pva What size are the tiles as there are weight restrictions for fixing to plaster
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    Sweden looks nice...I'm off

    :LOL:People from Hartlepool are called monkey hangers Geordies are from Newcastle Macklems from Sunderland Smoggies from middlesbrough Why get dressed when you go back to bed in 12hours
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    dewalt screw gun

    What's the best place for collated screws That fit the dewalt Or can you only use dewalt screws
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    Anyone else ever leave notes

    I've also find found a few porn mag stashes from the seventies hustler penthouse and the like Them women had bushes like zz top Didn't have clippers in the seventies
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    Anyone else ever leave notes

    I always mark the walls about 2ft up with a little note that has some ones name on aged 34 Whoever uncovers it in years to come will think a family of dwarfs have lived ther
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    Starts out as a 14 inch Give it a rub ands you've got a 20 Dual trowel it's the future
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    Neck pain

    I went to the doctor Getting a lot of pain in me left knee Doctor said it was old age There's no pain in me right knee and that's the same age Doctors no nowt
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    Red to red Black to black Blue to bits
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    mix m8

    It's not a drill he's using its a electric podger
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    Would anyone use this?

    Does it stop em drilling wrong size holes for down lighters
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    Thistle UniFinish

    Could try a substitute
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    Funny customers and prices

    Go to lidl buy the shop for 30quid
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    10 bags of multi finish

    I could do ten bags morrisons plastering,two for one 5on the walls and ceilings, 5 on the floor