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    Are any Trowels now made from Sheffield steel

    All the history of Tyzack, WHS and Brades trowels form Sheffield is on the net.
  2. lucius

    render sponge

    Andy check your messages I've sent you a PM
  3. lucius

    Is this this the most useless corner trowel

    It's for finishing the inside of concrete steps Danny
  4. lucius

    Back of your van

    That top pic is my van
  5. lucius

    Cracks, Cracks and more Cracks

    Poured concrete walls sucks like hell even after uni bonding adhesive may have pulled in to quick and not stuck properly.
  6. lucius

    midget trowel

    As said the ones for Venetian plaster are the best.
  7. lucius

    clay drainage

    Because it is you dont have to change clay for plastic the inspector is an idiot.Jurek no need to half fill the trench mass fill it to 6inches below ground level but shutter around the pipes then lintol straight on top of the concrete just make sure you have enough room for your subgrade...
  8. lucius

    clay drainage

    Get building control out to have a look before you do anything and try and identify what is what soil,rainwater or land drains you may have to use some of them for the new build so now is the time for any alterations all drain pipes have to be lintoled over.
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    Hopper gun

    Ive got one that sprays render, never used it as it needs a massive compressor.
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    Back of your van!

    w**k*r lol
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    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    The new Ragni ones are ok
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    Plastering Abroad

    You would have to get used to Spanish materials plus if you were lucky enough to find work the pay would be low expats are very unforgiving and know labour is cheap at the moment.
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    Free speech

    We never really had it.