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    Removing radiators

    back in the day we used to always remove ourselfs on jobs, but after many potencuail and actual problems always state to get a plumber in to to it if they want it skimmed behind. water troubles can get expensive , f00k that.
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    k render what application?

    for future referance, wind sends it off like f00k! lol this morning got in at 7 coz i was worried and it was borderline ok, come up good but fking took some scraping1 i put on the rest tooo at around 11ish and the sun come out and hit about 14 degrees! worried for that lot now :$ think i...
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    Plastering depth on the reveals advice needed.

    its old school to form reveals these days, dot n dab is way to go.
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    k render what application?

    we ended up using 32 bags of top coat on the flank this morning, but i found at end of the day some areas had started to hairline crack, like shrinkage ones, you know what you get if you add too much lime to s/c, those sort..... also the wind didnt give me much time to go back and close it in...
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    Hpx base finishing

    y on earth would the guy want you to finish with a base coat!?
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    wat van to go for

    iv got an old astra van, way too small for anything lol its gotta be a transit, work horse, best vans.
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    k render what application?

    can anyone help me out with this ^^^ as im on it tomorrow and still unsure.
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    dog rough

    can you really leave it that rough before scrapping it back? honestly like to know as i too thought it didnt look too bad lol
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    Rendering up to painted aluminium windows

    cover / protect the frames before rendering, simples.
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    Chimney breast sooted render

    honestly mate, done hundreds just get off all the soot you can with stiff brush, wet it down and scrubb it too, then just pva it bout 50/50 and hardwall/render over.... never had a bleed yet. 15 year in game
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    k render what application?

    so i finaly got all the prep done!!! after starting the job last monday!! right nightmare, had to lay off the other guys due to shite weather and plod on myself getting it preped, took 2 days this week just to do the main flank , by myself on 3 levels..... arrrhhh! but question please guys...
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    Aussie Plasterer wants advice from poms

    hmmm, over here iv done hardwall or sand cement, it will most likely crack ming over there to shrinkage.... youd have to leave it for weeks to help it not. as KK says, wet blocks in or even pva to aid with fast curinging...goes without saying.
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    Good quality plasterer needed

    your on the wrong forum mate lol
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    old wooden corner beads

    lol, all i can see is those old bullnose jobbys!? am i close, if not someone post aa pic coz im unsure if iv come across one!?