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    Speedskim blade removal tips

    set it on fire for 1
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    Which pArt of t country do you live no wonder people are trying t do it themselves I live in north east and if I needed any tradesman t do a job for me and they quoted them prices I'd tell him t fcuk off
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    What is this?

    Why don't y just ask him
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    tiling on wooden floors

    wooden floor
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    tiling on wooden floors

    hi lads i need a little help here,im starting to tile my bathroom floor it runs out of level by about an inch ive put 9 mm boards down on half the room should i put 18mm on the other half or should i make it up with adhesive cheers mates
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    what do u use to cut angle beads?

    just bought some milwauki,s from home depot in usa for 9 dollars and a pair of wiss for 13 dollars
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    if theres any of you lancashire lads on here looking for a speed skim theres a couple cheapies on fleabay its collection only looks like the old blades
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    Nearly 50

    so can the hawk fly now that its had an injection in its shoulder
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    recent job

    looks like a nice house
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    Is it dry yet?

    if you look at it carefully it looks like a face of prince charles in an angry mood
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    is that toad or to ad or is it just a frog?
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    learn to spell
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    Tennis (plasterers) Elbow.

    dont you mean the hawk was dead on the cement poor thing did bury it