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    Faux Beam info!

    That is impressive
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    Victas products

    Thanks bud, I'm gonna mention the way I wanted to do it in first place to them and the way you and few others mentioned and we'll see what they want. Cheers gents
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    Victas products

    Might give it a go with that victas stuff, but thar hardie backer board seems fairly promising. What's the coverage like witj victas, would 2 tubs of that backing coat be enough for standard size fire place ?
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    Victas products

    If I used fire line whats best to use to dab it on with? Price is not a issue as they got money. Just don't want come backs. What would you use to tap it with, is there any heat resistant filler or something? Cheers lads
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    Victas products

    Hi, got fire place to do, was thinking of using those victas products instead of s&c. Anyone used it before? Whats the coverage, does it finish off alright? I was gonna float the inside with the victas render system smooth. Then skim the face of it with their plaster. Reason of why to use it...
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    cornice repair

    Looks fantastic, people will never understand the kind of skill involved in producing that
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    Is everyone’s phones still ringing?

    Got fair few jobs booked in already, I've put prices up and still getting 80% of jobs. I can imagine it getting even better towards the end of the month, but you never now... Really enjoyed the two weeks off for Christmas, got time to spend with my little fella, just hate going back as all of...
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    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    How the f**k do you go to work, do s**t like this and sleep well at night ?
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    Hi, seen a job last week, it's a front of the house. They want to match the rest of the house and pretty much go straight over the top of existing render. I suggested tyrolean spray and they seemed very keen on that idea. Existing render is strong and it doesn't seem to be blown. Got few areas...
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    Let it be, Let it bee!

    It's getting colder by day, to prevent going to early I normally just crack on with some prep in between the trowels, I recently invested in refina spatula, stiff one, I give it a nice flatten after second coat and I really let it pull in, just checking by hand every now and then how wet it is
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    Anyone want this

    That was universal one coat, make sure there's no sing of salts as it'll show through
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    What do you think?

    Definitely mate, work hard play hard.
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    What do you think?

    I'm your age, was in exactly the same boat 2 years ago. s**t wage, working for dickhead, baby on the way and mortgage. So I had to do something. I left, to big unknown with 2 weeks work booked in, big jump in my opinion, got my van sign written, mastered social media advertising and its the...
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    Plastering over silk paint

    Get some grit, I think wickes selling it for 22 quid a tub, pink stuff with grit in it. Paint it on, leave it to dry, then you good to go