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    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    No problem just think it’s a silly question and definitely asked by someone who knows nothing about the trade
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    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    Sweet Jesus this has to be a piss take if not this trade is f**k*d
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    Metal edge beading showing.

    This boils my blood clearly a good job and comes on here being totally clueless and try’s to get a reason not to pay him ,we should start a form on here about people like you who are clearly bad clients
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    Hello, New at plastering in the US/east coast. Repairing plaster but now prepared to replanted a whole wall. I have so many questions.

    Have you seen the new kraft hawk he’s using it’s like a half sheet of ply the size of it ,and the amount of stuff he puts on would fit on a normal 13 inch hawk and don’t get me started on that conga trowel as he calls it all for show
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    Painfull hands

    Agree with glucosamine been taking it for years it’s great for joints ,I have swelling in my finger joints only a few at the moment but I know it’s a down hill path I’m on with them
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    White stucco

    A 25 kg bag of cement is approximately 5 shovels ,always been that way same as when we used 50 kg bags approximately 10 shovels 3 to 4 shovels of cement in a big mixer is sufficient for a float finish it would change for the likes of dash ,same as when loading sand it’s supposed to be a level...
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    White stucco

    Normally in a big mixer we put 50 shovels of white sand or what we call silver sand 2 bags of white cement that’s a 5 to 1 ratio and to that we add 3 shovels of lime that’s for a finish coat float and sponge finish coat , your scratch coat can be done in normal grey cement any bell casts or...
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    White stucco

    Often use it white sand and white cement with lime ,white cement is stronger than normal Portland cement so your mix ratio changes
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    Dormer bungalow

    He’s definitely full of s**t
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    Newly skimmed walls - is this an acceptable finish?

    How did he manage to bring all his tools and buckets and drill on a horse because he definitely is a cowboy
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    Nela mediflex

    I found the same problem with the midiflex took forever to wear in I bought the new Nela black edition I find it has the same problem I just stick to my mt until last rub and then use an ox 16 inch super flex the ox are a really nice trowel
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    Nela trowel

    Agree it definitely needs a run on a sharping stone
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    Render over Pebbledash

    I replastered a bungalow years back that was pebble dashed the pebbles were solid so I gave it a good pressure wash then a good scud (slurry) coat two scratch Coats the second basically just to straighten it up then a top coat float and sponge finish I pass the house quite regularly and it...
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    K rend

    Yep u can we often just float and sponge chimneys