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    did you get sorted or are you still looking?
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    Renderers Wanted Crewe £17 pm

    Cheers Lads, its a big site with good access, all gear will be on site as needed, we have deliveries almost every day going out there at the minute, payment is weekly, one week in hand. Straight forward.
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    Renderers Wanted Crewe £17 pm

    renderers wanted for k-rend job in crewe, 4 full detached houses to do before Christmas £17 p/m . New build work, straight on to block. call 07909163434.
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    Boarders, Dabbers, Skimmers & Renderers required

    Busy North west based firm Looking for experienced new build site plasterers and renderers for sites in Manchester, Cheshire and crewe areas. Immediate starts available, Call 07909163434. James.
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    Used machine for sale

    has it been sold this machine?
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    Rendering gangs wanted for site In Crewe.

    Gangs wanted for k rend job In Crewe. All new build work, 2 full houses ready for immediate start with a further 3 to follow behind .it's a big site in Crewe with a lot of render to come . Price is £14 p/m straight on to block. Call 07909163434. Cheers, James.
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    Dabbers and skimmers wanted

    Dabbers and skimmers urgently required for work on new build sites around the north west area 07909163434
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    Boarders and dabbers wanted crewe and Sandbach areas

    Board and dab gangs wanted for immediate start In crewe and Sandbach areas and throughout the northwest. New build work must have cscs card. Pm me for details.
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    tackers wanted asap

    Don't get me wrong, its good money overall, but plot for plot its s**t, that's what I mean by its high volume low margin, which means that no matter what people may think there isn't the margin on the houses to pay £3 p/m2 for tacking up here in the northwest....people on here don't...
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    tackers wanted asap

    I am a contractor myself and to think that contractors control the prices paid is a sign of naivety, think Tesco and the farmers who are always on the news complaining that they are being forced to supply their products at marginally above cost price while the supermarkets make all the profit...
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    tackers wanted asap

    A lot of people on here don't understand the industry and the difference in rates up and down the country and the fact that the further north you go generally the lower the rates paid are but the fact is a decent boarder should be doing 35 boards a day at 1.90 that's 950 quid a week on 3 quid...
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    Tape and joint

    I work for persimmon and one very large plastering contractor has convinced them to tape and joint . It's not going well from what I can gather I can't see it taking off. Not the right finish for domestic houses in my opinion.
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    Site boarders and dabbers wanted Northwest area ongoing work

    still looking for more lads, couple of houses to start Monday in Sandbach plenty of work to follow on to, looking for boarders and dabbers or gangs who want to do full hits. call 07909163434
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    Please can you help with meterage rate?

    Maybe someone should post one of them sticky thingy ma bobs explaining that rates are not discussed on the forum but giving this very simple pricing formula for newbs .... Take the best educated guess you can as to what you think you should charge for boarding, dabbing, skimming , floating etc...
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    decent firms/contractors

    Around the north west area the average price for new build is about £2.40 skimming similar for dabbing and boarding is about £1.80 - £2.00 per square meter. of course, you Southerners get your £3-£4 a meter for skimming but then you go and pay £5 for a pint and £1million for a terraced house...