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    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    The staff must be absolutely drained 12/15?hour days aswell no wonder the virus got better of them
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    Come on Post up your jobs at home during lockdown

    Drilled door out for another hinge ,friggin door weighs a ton ,top hinge gave up this morning
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    Wickes Trade pro mate
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    Use your best photos..

    @TonyM f**k ,that it is sweet !!!
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    Everyone back to work ...

    Mind u most stores have ran out of multi so.... bg @The Apprentice any change there
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    Everyone back to work ...

    Wickes get yer gear from there click n collect no problem
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    plastering on site

    I think we need a pic again, u know the drunken new year one lol 2 confirm @Andy g
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    Idiotic people

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    Best reaction for a long time amazing ,even my dogs were clapping
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    And now Screwfix

    Mkm still carrying on I assume bnq aswell
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    Let’s hope they sort out something quick snap n not some bullshit loan
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    Self Employed

    Yeh the sound of that cough aswell still hear it now ,even though my kids are older
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    happy birthday

    Happy birthday hope u had good day
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    working from home

    I’m doing much as I can cus I reckon in two weeks time the roads will be shut n guarded by the police