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    BG Community WhatsApp Group

    Funny u should bring this is up we suffer in Silverdale and it been national news over the last few months at our local land fill Walleys quarry who’ve taken over the site from lafarge r blaming them on some accounts to the toxic Gas we been breathing in at our homes namely plasterboard buried ..,
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    This is our year

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    Anyone wear a fitbit while plastering?

    Some times according garmin 3500avg
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    Euro 2020/21

    I bet that Czech shiteck is odds on to score against us ??? @smoother09
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    settled with a beer now ready to watch Start late ,finish early I like it lol
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    Euro 2020/21

    England line up in yet ?
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    Euro 2020/21

    Grealish doesn’t get picked ,he reacts and punches Southgate clean in the face 2/1
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    What's on today boys

    “Make good “ lime mate ,what r u useing bud non hydraulic or natural
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    BG Community WhatsApp Group

    @Andy g the 2nd coming ,he’s surely on there
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    Need advice on a job guys

    Steady number that
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    Getting to easy

    Do u think Sam is laughing at pep right now
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    Great season

    Unlucky Leicester they qualify fir Europa league at least still avkick in the teeth
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    Carry on Campers 2021

    What no flipping way n we end up with that “make good” s**t again not on your F*****g nelly !!!!!!
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    Any pva about ?

    Looks good s**t
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    Any pva about ?

    £14 umm what’s the ratio with water