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    Work in sussex

    Evening lads. I'm looking for someone to join our team for ongoing work in Horsham, West Sussex. All experience considered, although would prefer someone competent. Long shot I know as everyone seems to be flat out! Minimum requirement is to be able to spell your own name! Give me a bell on...
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    Thincoat job West Sussex

    Cheers Dan. Customer is absolutely made up with what Dan and his team have provided. Top class work & good lads as you would expect. Thincoat is the future!
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    Thincoat job West Sussex

    Hi lads, We are soon to start on the internals of a large renovation, in Horsham, West Sussex. Early 19 century grand farmhouse. I am looking for someone to do the external rendering. Current is a mix of painted render, painted brick and new blockwork. System to be decided on advice, but my...
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    Plasterer required Sussex

    Hi lads, I'm looking for a self employed plasterer to join myself & my apprentice for work in and around Horsham, West Sussex. Ideally competent at all aspects of plastering however, if you're good at the basics & got a professional attitude then we may be able to work with you to bring you up...
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    Loft winders

    Thanks for the advice. Did it today, built a frame with battens, eml, bonded, finish coat, looked quality. Looking forward to next one and I'll put in a decent price! Sponge in a bag worked well but gonna make some trowels from plastic to keep in the van for next time. ;D
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    Loft winders

    Hi, I've got a set of tight winders to a loft conversion to board/eml and plaster. Plastered many but not built from scratch so wondered if any of you guys had any tips. Eml and bond or strips of board and bond? Got a feeling it's gonna be a bit of a bitch! Cheers Gaz