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    P;aster Plaster costs "s**t Pins" Who cares .
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Posh one coat all day long, unless plasterboard, one coat , pointless not to. Fresh second coat on large areas only , two double baggers . My take . Cheers
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    amazing little creatures

    You must surely, or should, hold the TITLE . Dad of the year ! Brilliant mate !
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    What utter pish ! Just had trouble logging in my friend !
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    I'm not I'm not that prick !
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    Had no idea he was in the marketplace for stolen tools !!!
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    To pee,or not to pee

    Yep, oops, just shat myself !
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    naughty naughty

    I wonder if Ray Winston, Brian Blessed or any of the other celebs who endores the gambling lifestyle give a F..K ! Greedy B........s !
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    Posh plasterers

    He was actually a nice kid, strong 18 year old rugby type, good manners. I thought " Rupe " was ok .
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    Posh plasterers

    If only , used to work for a posh bunch of lads, public school ones, they had a labourer called Rupert . I laughed !
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    For the depressed plastrers

    You sound like a f**k**g know nothing, your well named . Happy Cristmas .
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    Plant based diet

    Wh whatever dick head x Your bum is the best ! Eh xxxx
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    Plant based diet

    Don't see the point anymore. pal ! Just my take on. It though ; respect !!