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    Customers a knob

    I used to polish messages into the walls on site for my decorator friend to find when he mist coated. Things like "Len is a w**k*r" or "you'll need to sand this" always made me chuckle.
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    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    So much for them listening and improving things. What a shower.
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    The Plasterers Arms Disco

    Like that a lot.
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    The Pain

    Obviously doesn't help with your eyesight then?
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    They'll be fine. I bought 100,000 cheap Silverline ones years ago and they fine apart from the odd time.
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    Best way to tacke this?

    Be a love and give him your professional wisdom. He'll say 'thank you'.
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    Part or full reno

    Windy I think you're spot on about the worst house on the best street. Go for a full on renovation, but then throw on a big extension as well. Just as you think you're going to get things under control I suggest that you buy yourself a lake. Not a nice finished article, but one that needs masses...
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    site spreads

    Don't mess with @algeeman , he'll send his kids to stay with you.
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    site spreads

    Chris is paid weekly and roars through the metres on site.
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    site spreads

    No they're not ginger John.
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    site spreads

    Sorry I'll reword it. Esme can I please have some of your daddies money?
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    site spreads

    You just need a different mentality to do plot after plot on site. Just go into autopilot and think about anything other than what you're actually doing. I might try going back to site soon.
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    site spreads

    Lend me a score mate.
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    Ragni 14' Flexlite trowel

    It's even worse on Facebook mate, everyone is earning £250 a day, every day on there. Chris I think this is a direct dig at you mate. Can't say as I disagree, you definitely are a cheap ass rough chancer. You taking the kids to the beach later?
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    I need of a company to work for.

    He's not that fecking desperate.