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    The new shape vivaro

    The Vivaro is the same as Peugeot they just took longer to change over to the same shape .....Peugeot owns Vauxhall Europe
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    The new shape vivaro

    The major manufacturers all share the shame chassis Toyota, Citroen Peugeot etc
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    Left to early

    To be honest blocked from any transfer deals and lost his best player etc ..... he was always f**k*d
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    Just found ignore function.

    Photos or it didn’t happen That’s right I am ignored
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    Does this need re-skimming

    First of all you gotta to sort that ceiling out first :LOL:
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    Just found ignore function.

    We’re you touched up as a child and nobody listened to you or were bullied at school or is something more sinister you own a gun I am now on your ignore list
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    Does this need re-skimming

    Is this the plasterer
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    Flattening first coat

    If the walls are not good first coat is mix with a little bonding then fresh coat If not bad first coat then second straight on top both coats tight then speed skim
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    f**k**g BOARD FINISH!!!!!

    You really need to speak to your doctor and get your medication increased :LOL:
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    Per metre

    I am sure all the rates are the same in Holland so does not matter who you get to plaster the price is always the same so no undercutting
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    My prediction

    City for championship Man Utd deduction of points for playing an unfit players Pogba and Lukaku
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    Ritmo l

    Does it come with a cuddle toy as well and no I am not talking about you :LOL:
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    Whatever smoother09 offers I will give you £1 more .....I am not trying profit from this transaction you know karaoke ....sorry karate