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    Turned up to this

    LOL, Turned up today to do an extension.....on a fooking caravan !, the whole thing is built off palets on the soil, will get some pics
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Right oh, cheers, this fooker makes the wall so hot you can only keep your hand on it for a couple of secs !
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Cheers Bobby, do the tiles get hot ?
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Hi Guys, Fitted a wood burner 2 weeks ago in customers house, the walls had a re skim months ago, using PVA, and a bonding agent....[posh job eh !]...anyway, the plaster around the wood burner has blown, due to the heat, bearing in mind the wood burner is at least a foot of the...
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    Damp patch

    What a load of b*ll***s !
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    alpine finish

    Used this in mid 80s.......we finished it with a horizontal stroke on a farm house, it looked fooking shite !...farmer loved it !. looked like a very neat scratch coat.
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    tiger stripes

    It's caused by the boards, lets face it, you never get it on float and set work. If you look a the grey side of the board in the right light, you can see the ripples in the board. On the white side, its harder too see, but the ripples are there......that's my theory anyway.
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    Why is the woodchip thread closed ?

    As the title says ^
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    Retired spreads.

    What part of Lanzarote are you in mate ? I live here also
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    suggestions for long gap under threshold

    Lets fook this job up !..............fill it with an old cement bag, then easy fill, then a strip of wood chip's a good'n :)
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    suggestions for long gap under threshold

    Agree, seen many hard wood door linings bow with this stuff..............fill it with sand & cement, then skim....being low level
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    Bucket shrapnel

    Check the paddle for any sharp edges.....then file them off
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    Don't forget that the over spray will hit the existing , thus increasing the texture around the patch
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    Plastering window reveals video

    Another one still learning how to use a trowel..............If it took any longer to put those reveals on, the customer would have charged him rent FFS !
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    Want to start a career in plastering

    Ah bless, this thread almost brought a tear to my eye .........he is in for a surprise in this born every minute, i was one of them !