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    Ewi store??

    prices are good. used them few times until my rep went on hols and i was told i didnt have a credit account when i had been on invoices for 6momths already.... so took business elsewhere
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    Hi all. I’m Mark from Heritage Lime. I’ve just bought the Ritmo slimline and would like advise on a suitable lime base product to put through it.

    ring martin brown he will know. he ha mentioned on hes sprayed one of the products. not sure what he used
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    i do like chickens and lego...... whats your name? dont think its big steve hammer on
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    are you? lol
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    Any idea the cause of the damp?

    its a spongy thermal membrane. 4mm thick. you glue it on like tiles with a notch trowel then multifinish on top
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    Any idea the cause of the damp?

    condensation get tricklevents in windows. i would line the walls with wykamol iso therm and reskim
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    Thin coat

    its sponged finish. we topcoated on that
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    Thin coat

    i spat over insulation. sponge ocr over blockwork
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    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    someone didnt take into.account battening out a wall. the old 100mm mistake..
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    Did man utd win

    i heard it was a close game
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    Rain what to do next

    if youve got room for 10mm on the beads. yes you can lay on min 12mm scrape to 10
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    Rain what to do next

    5mm is not thick enough for a final coat. 10mm min
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    Anyone south coast- Eastbourne way?

    Thanks bud but bit far for me... im Portsmouth