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    Spurs have won the league?
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    Any plasterer worth his salt would overboard that. This is the definition of chancing. Why wasn't it boarded?
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    How'd you go about fixing this monstrosity? Structural woodchip

    Dab a few strips at the top to level ish with the proudest brick then dab one piece on top of that
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    Dewalt t stak dab radio

    I think he said something about covid not being isolated so therefore the earth is flat
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    Hi mark cracking dot dab

    Sorry mate no worries at all but had a quick look and the areas in which we have had to get in and out of the big city are 4th behind the other side and we have to do a little bit more than that in our team to get a better understanding of what you think
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    Hi mark cracking dot dab

    Who is didbog and what is going to be done by you in the morning to ensure that the information you get the best possible for me please as I'm not quite familiar with the following ref number is there anything else you want to help with you around 9.30
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    tapit , and tapit tape

    @tapit what does it do that scrim can't?
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    OSB Board finish

    Why can't it be boarded? Dimension restrictions?
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    Buying separate pir insulation and plasterboard - cheaper

    Insulated plasterboard exist for a reason
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    No worries mate. The reason I posted the thread is because I knew someone would at least know of a spread with issues. Hope you recover soon mate
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    Sorry to hear that mate but how was I supposed to know
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    This made me chuckle, you wasn't trying to be funny?
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    My plastered ceiling nightmare.

    Should have had grit, browning then skim
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    Had a distant relative doe from it recently after surmfferig for a few years. Any of you lads worried about it? I've done my fair share of ripping down ceilings and unknowingly disturbing asbestos without a mask. Any of you older lads had any issues?