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    Drywall screw splinters

    Soke it in warm water the warmer you can stand the better, this will soften the skin and make it more easy to pop out or dig out.
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    Big top

    A duck walks into a bar... ... and walks up to the bartender to order a pint of lager and a ham and cheese sandwich. The bartender is flabbergasted to see a talking duck, but then quickly proceeds to pour the duck his drink and fetch his sandwich after seeing him get impatient A few weeks...
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    Clean a skim bucket

    Large Metal scourer works well.
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    Dollys are back in Lidl 10 quid no locking wheel though round or oblong, save those backs!
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    Best way to board this beast

    Smashed it bud;).
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    Best way to board this beast

    Take into account skirting boards ect.
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    Best way to board this beast

    But the board on the floor then use a laser pen along the ridge of the ceiling pointing down and with the aid of your man servant he,she marks the board,hey presto, do a small tester can get the laser pens from the big pet shop chains,in the moggie section .
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    Can this be dabbed onto?

    Looks like a big gap between the wall boards and ceiling boards.
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    RIP Burt Reynolds <3

    My dad had a citroen sm they used in mean machine what a great car.V6 maserati engine great noise loved it as a kid when me dad gave it a bootfull, happy memories.
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    Competition Time

    Don't eat yellow snow.
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    l*m*-g***n Solo

    Good luck to the sparky trying to get that lot in the box:reloco:.looks good bud.
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    Entertaing forum

    Hi bud.
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    Getting chinese tonight

    Tidy bud.and welcome.
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    Some people

    I've just missed half the Italian job reading all this.
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    Flea bay

    Any one out there got a decent bit of used kit of the bay. Got this little gem today, This is my first Mt (13in) as I'm a refina bod.nice and straight hopefully get to use it fairly soon