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    If you buy do you feel like buying another one a couple of hours later?
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    Alternative to timber for outside building

    Watch out for the wolf.
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    getting old

    Bullshit does not wipe s**t away.
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    bg smells like make good

    it could all builders merchants putting out of date bags of Makegood in plasterboard recycling skips, which are taken back to BG?
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    Private Number Plate.

    I got a private plate, does make me a pick?
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    Them mark 1.s

    They do these in a size 10's and you can use them on the weekends.
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    Carta easy skim

    It's on the self, next to the Tapit-tape.
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    Hands up.....

    Is it raining, that blokes got his umbrella up?
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    Plaster in the eye

    Put strips of skim cloth over the holes, when it set you can see the holes and cut out with sharp knife.
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    Oldest tool you own in daily use

    Hitachi drill used and abused, over 30 years old still working. If I remember correct, it was something like, you bought so many screws and rawl plugs and you had a free drill.
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    White patches on krend

    A sign of a good spread when you can praise someone else's good work.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    £125 a day, turn up, with just your tools, do the job, take the money, no come backs, no pricing, not getting materials, no van. Not brilliant money, but would not say taking the piss. To earn that extra £75 per day comes with a lot of more hassle.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Looked to price at a large hall way and ceiling, re-skim job,. Customer told me she had already had one price of £700. Time to walk away, could not match that price, would have charged £700 to get it prepared for skimming. Set up access equipment, re-board ceiling and PVA walls. Some plasterers...
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    The big launch (2)

    Glad to see your customer service department is fully trained and is promoting your product in a professional manner.