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    Hi all!

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    What has happened here and can I fix it?

    If it is a structural movement then it is going to be an expensive repair but If no cracks going across the room. I would take out the bead, cut out any cracks or loose plaster, PVA background, fix more screws if plasterboard loose, bed in new bead, Fill and sand area. Get a local plasterer to...
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    140 year old house (advice needed!)

    My question is: What interior insulation can I use that is cost effective? Because of the cement finish outside, lime is useless as it won’t breath? Can I dry line it with a 4 inch cavity and an insulated slab? Should I vent the cavity? My answer is. It’s only the facade that is listed, I can...
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    Plasterers and Tapers wanted Leigh

    First week you don't get laid, only a quick wank. It is normal on most jobs, you have to work a week in hand.
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    Can I fill this with multi or need to do bonding?

    It is going to need bonding, then fit skirting and use Easyfill 60. You could replace with higher skirting to reduce the amount of filling and sanding. Learn from you mistakes, think the job through before plastering next time.
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    Render streaks

    I would leave it alone, if you wait a couple of months, that all of it will be stained to match.
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    Rubbing on sand and cement

    That's a lot of wells.
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    Anyone seen this before? Weird.

    Is that Bart Simpson?
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    Blue grit removal before render

    Use EWI, adhesive and mechanical fixings the time it will take to remove and the customer will have work that conforms to building regulations.
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    Plasterers and Tapers wanted Leigh

    Not that's Walter who works on the waltzes. Then there Keth he was called Keith but he had an accident and lost an eye.