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    Hi new member

    Yeah good luck with that.
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    Hi new member

    Hi thanks for the messages above. OK, so I have never done any rendering. However, I am happy to do tasks around the house and have recently painted (after removing old paint) the 30 metres of render around my house. I repaired minor bits of damage such as bits of render fallen off at the...
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    Hi new member

    Hi I am new and looking to do my first render work on my house wall.
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    External wall - can I use K Rend HP12 without top coat?

    Hi I have an external wall that is rendered with sand and cement and then painted over. One part has broken. Can I use K Rend HP12 without a top coat if I hack off the damaged section? I was thinking using HP12 to the same thickness as the sand and cement either side and then just...